Meet the Library Staff!

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Jennifer Sharp

School Librarian

Ms. Sharp has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature with a minor in Secondary Education, as well as a Master's degree in Information Sciences, both from the University of Tennessee - Knoxville (#VFL). After completing her Master's degree in 2013, she worked for two years at a high school in Knoxville before returning to Nashville and joining the JOHS faculty in January of 2016. She LOVES being a Bobcat and getting to know all the awesome Overton students! In her free time, Ms. Sharp loves reading, traveling, trying new foods and restaurants, and spending time with her family and friends.


Contact Ms. Sharp


Phone: 615-333-5135 ext. 615322



Lori Bervoets

School Librarian

Ms. Bervoets is a lifelong Bobcat, graduating from JOHS in 1983.  She also graduated from UT Knoxville (Go Big Orange!) and has a collection of graduate degrees, including a J.D. from Nashville School of Law -- because she’s a nerd.  She worked as an elementary librarian for almost 15 years before transitioning to high school.  She loves reading (especially romantic comedy and non-fiction), listening to music (especially live and outdoors!), laughing (all the time!), and using exclamation points!!!!

Contact Ms. Bervoets


Phone: 615-333-5135 ext. 615321



Rachel Davis

Library Clerk

Ms. Davis graduated in 2015 from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville with a Bachelor's degree in English.  She could spend hours browsing the stacks at Rhino Books or McKay’s and has accumulated so many titles that she’s run out of shelf space.  Her favorite genres include science fiction, dystopian, and fantasy.  In her spare time, she likes to play bass & guitar, draw, listen to true crime podcasts, and eat at Las Palmas.


Contact Ms. Davis


Phone: 615-333-5135 ext. 615320