Technology Spotlight

This Month: Schoology, Computer/Wifi Access for Substitutes, and Equity Maps
Tech Tip Heading - Schoology.png
Schoology is a learning management system that is paid for by the district (similar to Blackboard or Canvas, if you've used those). It allows you to put content and materials online for students to access anytime, anywhere. You can also have students submit their assignments online, and grade them and/or provide feedback virtually instead of on paper.
Access Schoology by opening the MyMNPS folder on your desktop OR going to and logging in with your regular MNPS credentials.
Tech Tip Heading - Wifi Subs.png
Many teachers ask about how they can ensure that their substitutes have access to the Internet and/or a computer at school. The easiest way to ensure that substitutes have access is to include directions for sub computer access in your sub plans! Here are the instructions:
Dial the IT Helpdesk (615-269-5956) with your six-digit employee ID number handy. Tell them you want to set up your computer login for the first time. They will give you a temporary password that you can use to log in for the first time. This login will allow you to access any MNPS computer, the "schools" wifi network on your personal device, and MNPS e-mail. 
Tech Tip Heading - Equity Maps.png
Equity Maps is an app for iPad that tracks and charts student participation and interaction! It can be used anytime, but it's perfect for a Socratic seminar so you can monitor student participation without being distracted from what they're saying. It's available from the app store for a one-time cost of $10. 
For more details or a demonstration, come see a librarian! (Ms. Sharp has it downloaded on her iPad - you're welcome to try it before you buy it by borrowing her device.)